Dtran & Hide

From jamming out to rock and heavy metal throughout childhood together to progressively refining their music taste into what became a mutual love for trance – this is what inspired the duo to fall in love with the EDM scene.
After investing in their first deck, their committed relationship to this artistry led to relentless hours of honing their music craftsmanship. They wanted their musical voice to be heard beyond the confines of their room and set out to provide a euphoric musical journey.
It all started with a button.. two best friends venturing through the creative process of music that has now evolved into Dtran & Hide.

07.15 Moon Crisis (Sailor Moon) Art Show
07.04 626 Night Market
07.05 626 Night Market
08.15 Spirit of the Wind: A Studio Ghibi Tribute Show
08.07 626 Night Market
08.08 626 Night Market
08.09 626 Night Market
09.04 626 Night Market
09.05 626 Night Market
09.06 626 Night Market
03.06 Avalon
04.14 OHM
05.19 Josephs
06.23 Line Hotel
07.01 626 Night Market
10.31 Exchange LA - The Gallery

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