Los Angeles based native motivated by many distinctions; art, culture, music and nature. Today, I find a deep spirituality in travel and aim to photograph in a way to inspire. I would love my artwork to be seen as a meaningful standpoint to exploration and travel.

Times when I'm not all over the place I will be in tune with music. In just ten years, I became an attendee, disk jockey, promoter, producer but ultimately a passionate individual. Music connected me in a ways unexplained and paved the way to happiness.  

That being said, I hope my website can connect and inspire visitors in a beneficial way. Support my mission through my ventures below and I hope to help you in some way! :)

Dtran & Hide My band in collaboration with the best friend, Hideto. Music has always been our passion and we love to express ourselves through our performance. 
Dtran @ Academy / Exchange LA / Time. Dance music advocate since 2009. To be frank, I only started promoting to waive entrance fees for myself. Comp'd life since 2012. 😅
TranVentures Fun idea with huge potential. More to come...




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